Ubuntu · Running Runnable files (.run)

Ubuntu · Running Runnable files (.run)


Note: This was tested on 12.04, but should work for later versions as well.

Running and executing .run files is essentially the same as running .sh files.
Start up your Terminal.

To allow the system to run the .run file, go into the directory where the file is located, then run this:

chmod +x file-name.run

Now that file is executable. To execute it, run:


Since your .run file is probably a pre-built program, you should try running it first without admin privileges (without the sudo prefix command), and only then (in case of failure) run it with sudo again.

More tips

I encountered some failures when executing .run files, like interface not opening up or my Terminal freezing. If you encounter these, you can try to stop your system’s x-server service with this command:

sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop

… or, if you have a newer system (like 12.04 LTS or later) you can try this command:

service gdm stop