To my visitors…

I write here about software, tech and tech organizations. (for the most part)

🤔   Why though?

I like to share ideas through presentations and writing.

If you see something related to technology, I’ll probably like it. I am a software enthusiast, product developer, technical leader, speaker, event organizer, and avid skier.

My main interests are organizations, apps, cloud, electronics and smart devices. I also often read or listen about innovation, computer science, and organizational management.

In my spare time, I (try to) travel with my family, speak at conferences, coach, and work on open-source projects.

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You can find me on the most important social platforms using my usual handle:

  @ milosmns

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I will not respond to spam. However, if you just want to say hi for no particular reason and have a chat, send me an email to hi (at this domain).

🏦   Sources and attribution

I try to use free audio, video and graphic resources, but I build a lot of those on my own too.
Attribution is given to the people at: