Ubuntu · Enabling custom status bar icons

Ubuntu · Enabling custom status bar icons


Note: This was tested on 12.04, but should work for later versions as well.

By default, not all programs are allowed to show their icons in the top status bar (also sometimes called menu bar). We can fix that.

First of all, make sure you have the latest system updates, just in case. You can find how to do that by doing a quick search for system updates right here on the site.

When done, go to Florian’s site to install Unsettings. You might be able to find it in the Software Center too.

When installed, you can open the Lens menu, and look for Unsettings. Open it, and go to the Panel menu. You will see an editable list of items there.

On the top of that list, add the following line:


To apply the changes, click on the cogwheel icon. I know, it makes no sense that the cogwheel icon means “save”. 😃

Finally, close the program, and try opening a program that uses the status bar (for example, Skype does it). Skype’s icon should now appear near the clock and date.