Conference Report · Droidcon Berlin 2017

Conference Report · Droidcon Berlin 2017


If you’ve been following my Twitter, you’ll have seen my posts from Droidcon Berlin this year. This is a summary of that visit.

Where and how

Droidcon was hosted at CityCube in the outskirts of Berlin’s ring area, in a conference building within the Messe Berlin (something like a city Fair). Fun fact: Messe Berlin also hosted the IFA show there, at the same time as Droidcon, so we got free tickets for IFA too! Wouhouu!

There were a lot of different talks, ranging from core Android, IoT, Privacy, to Legal, Marketing and other. All of them were interesting to a different type of audience.


Coroutine Notes Notes about Coroutines

Svetlana’s talk about Kotlin Coroutines included a lot of information about the new threading concept in Kotlin and explained a lot of language’s advances in comparison to the last year’s Kotlin release.

Another interesting talk was about Marketing for developers where Sylwester explained how to get more engagements and have a wider reach within the Android user community. Super insightful.

GDG Lounge The GDG Lounge

We also took quite a few breaks in the GDG lounge, where we always felt welcome. 😬

Danny live-coded a couple of great examples of how Kotlin can be used to make your life as a developer easier. Find more information about that in his talk here.

Double Rainbow The double rainbow

We also saw a double rainbow on the second day! 😬

Unit Test Tips Unit test tips

Paulina and Grzegorz showed us how to write Unit tests using Kotlin. Fun fact: Kotlin is also a brand of ketchup in Poland!

Samsung Hall Samsung’s showcase

While on the IFA show, we took a stroll through Samsung’s “Infinity Hall” where you could have your face digitalized using Samsung’s latest tech. We also touched the famous Galaxy Note 8 for the first time! Lost of fun (and free food) during the IFA show! 😬

Last, but not least, Ralf’s talk about scheduling jobs was the one that I liked the most, so here’s a photo from that talk showing the jobs library’s API.

Job Scheduling Job Scheduling API

The API is so clean and easy to use, it will surely become my go-to job scheduling library in the near future. I might also integrate it into Silly Android, who knows?!


I didn’t want the conference to end, but all good things come to an end… but you can get more of the Droidcon atmosphere from their social accounts. All in all, it was super fun.

Droidcon, I’ll see you next year!