Silly Android

Silly Android


The initial release

If you met me in recent months, you’ve heard my complaining about the same Android chores over and over. Well, the work on that is done, the chores are now automated, and my utility library Silly Android is ready for a release.

I’m hopeful that this work primarily addresses the most common issues with the Android APIs nowadays, while also allowing us to quickly start up new projects and maintain the older ones more easily.

Why “Silly”, you may ask? Because the original API decisions are just silly, so I decided to call the fixes that way too.

Contributions are welcome:

Updates and future releases

An update as per mori-honest’s request (see here), Silly Android now also includes access to the software keyboard. Read more below.

To detect when soft keyboard is shown:

public void onKeyboardShown(int size) {
  Log.d(TAG, "Current keyboard size is: " + size);

To detect when soft keyboard is hidden:

public void onKeyboardHidden() {
  Log.d(TAG, "Current keyboard is hidden!");

To hide the keyboard on command, e.g. after a click event:


All of these are directly available in Silly Android’s Easy components, i.e. EasyActivity, EasyFragment, EasyDialog, and transitively available in all Parsable components.

The future

I hope that with Kotlin we won’t need utilities such as Silly Android anymore.
But until then, this fixes a lot of the silly APIs. 😬