A curated list of Mac tools

A curated list of Mac tools


What is this?

To be clear, I’m not a productivity freak… but I do have a set of tools that I’ve grown accustomed to and without which I am (or feel) significantly less productive.

This post will be a subjective, up-to-date, and curated list of all the Mac tools I use on a daily basis, with some additional good finds worth trying.

🏃   Productivity tools

  • Better Spotlight? It’s a must-have, try Raycast
  • A good Calendar app? Fantastical 2
  • A good Email client, finally? Air Mail or MimeStream
  • An open-source, cross-platform password manager? BitWarden.
    Although, NordPass is also pretty neat
  • Your MenuBar is too busy? You have a notch?
    Hide the clutter with Hidden Bar (free) or Bartender (paid)
  • Clipboard manager?
    Copy Clip is a must have if you’re not using Rambox/Alfred
  • All-in-one messenger? Rambox or Franz
  • You miss your split-window feature from Windows?
    No problem, Magnet’s got you covered
  • Customizable app switcher? Command-Tab Plus (paid) or Alt-Tab (free)
  • Wondering what’s next in your day? Next Meeting will let you know
  • Tracking your time? Clockify. It has a Mac app and it’s easy to use NO. SAY NO TO TIME TRACKING.


🎨   Graphics tools


🔒   Privacy tools

  • A fast, reliable, privacy-oriented VPN? Nord VPN is my choice
  • Monitoring your camera and microphone? Micro Snitch. They have amazing support!


👀   Utilities

  • Monitoring your Mac’s hardware? iStatMenus integrates pretty well
  • Service Station allows you to extend Finder’s capabilities
    (Open with…, custom scripts, etc.)
  • New File Menu, if you’re missing your Windows’ “new file” menu
  • Your company policy puts your Mac to sleep after 2 minutes?
    Use Caffeine to keep it awake
  • Saving your audio books for later? Open Audible
  • Want to control multiple monitors’ brightness at once? Check out Monitor Control


👨🏼‍💻   Development tools

  • Screen Copier (scrcpy) will mirror your Android devices on the desktop
  • Android Tool for Mac allows you to save your Android screenshots
    (and screen recordings, and GIFs)
  • A professional, advanced IDE for iOS and macOS development?
    Sorry, you’re stuck XCode 😬

Dev tools

💬   Other

If you know other interesting products, shoot them to my Twitter. I can add them here.